Early Morning Workout Fitness Tips

Fitness, mHealth device users to reach nearly 100M by 2018

In order to start early, you should sleep early so that you have enough energy stored in your body for a morning workout. If you are a beginner to an early morning workout, here are some of the fitness tips you should keep in mind. Meals It is advisable to have a light meal if you are having a late dinner. When you have a heavy dinner late, you will not only arise late for your early morning workout, but your tummy will feel heavy too in the morning. Early to bed You need to store enough energy for your early morning workout, therefore it is advisable for you to follow a regular sleep pattern. One fitness tip to keep in mind is, get eight hours of sound sleep and wake up early to boost your energy. Long warm ups Before you start your early morning workout, you need to do a small warm up first.
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Early Morning Workout Fitness Tips

We never sell or give away your contact information. Our readers’ trust comes first. The report projects that the mFitness sector, which will experience the strongest growth in the short and medium term, will lead the way “driven by a motivated target market, an increasing demand for lifestyle consumer applications and a diversifying array of attachments.” Though app-enabled mFitness will “reach maturity much more quickly than smartphone-based mHealth,” it represents a “much smaller market in terms of both users and revenues,” states the announcement. “As mobile fitness devices become more widespread, they will pave the way for more critical mHealth services delivered through the smartphone,” the report’s author Anthony Cox writes in a statement. “While mHealth and mobile fitness are two discrete markets–with divergent audiences–increased usage of the former will stimulate wider awareness of the latter.” Among the other findings of the report, Juniper estimates cumulative cost savings from remote patient monitoring of up to $35 billion globally over the next five years as the healthcare industry moves towards accountable care. In addition, the research firm argues that the aging populations and the increased prevalence of chronic disease is forcing healthcare stakeholders to reconsider how healthcare is addressed in both developing and developed markets. “Even though remote patient monitoring, particularly for chronic diseases, is still at a very early stage in the development cycle, it fits well with new healthcare practices and the goal of keeping patients out of hospital,” states a July 2013 Juniper Research report , which concluded that Western Europe will be the most promising new market for cardiac outpatient monitoring after the U.S.
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Planet Fitness Announces Re-Opening of Southgate, Michigan Location

Billed as The Judgement Free Zone, Planet Fitness stands apart from other health clubs by providing a relaxed, non-intimidating atmosphere. This includes a low tolerance for bodybuilders and a commitment to helping people of various fitness levels. About Planet Fitness Planet Fitness ( http://www.planetfitness.com ) has been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in America for three straight years by Inc. magazine. Planet Fitness consisted of just four gyms in New Hampshire when it began franchising in 2003, and has revolutionized the industry with a combination of extremely low prices and a unique, friendly, and hassle-free environment called the Judgement Free Zone. Today the company has over 700 clubs nationwide, and more than 4.5 million members.
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Should fitness gadget makers fear the iPhone 5S?

Data from the iPhone 5’s built-in accelerometer, digital compass, and gyroscope, says Apple, will help the M7 paint a more detailed picture of your physical activity. Even more important, the M7 motion coprocessor can do all this behind the scenes without leaning on the iPhone 5S’s new A7 CPU. Hopefully that will result in less drain on processing and battery resources. It’s unclear, though, whether the M7 is a superior solution compared with dedicated fitness tracking devices currently for sale. After all, companies like Fitbit, Jawbone, and Nike have spent a great deal of time honing their products and services. For example Fitbit’s most advanced gadget (and one of our favorites), the Fitbit Flex , uses what the company calls a MEMS 3-axis accelerometer to track your movements. With it the Flex, according to Fitbit, can accurately determine the movements you make tailored to your personal stats and profile.
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