Grind your own flax seed for peak nutrition

Recipe: Gluten-free banana waffles from nutrition expert Allen Lim

There have been studies that showed proof that it could help to reduce a person’s risk to develop cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. For a small seed, this is already remarkable. What is flax seed? It has been reported that the cultivation of flax seed could be traced up to 3000 B.C.
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Nutrition: What does a ‘gluten-free’ label really mean?

Repeat, using the remaining batter. Makes 4 large waffles. Cut each waffle into quarters and top with your favorite spread(s) to make 8 mini waffle sandwiches. Let cool before wrapping.
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‘Social Nutrition’ Diet may be Best Hangover Cure, Says Expert

Doctors Bring Woman Back from the Dead

The sales of gluten-free products have tripled since 2008, currently making it a $4.2 billion market. Increasing demand for tasty and nutritious alternatives to common gluten-containing foods has led to a surge in the market of gluten-free products. Gluten-free waffles and breads to quinoa pasta and much more are widely available at both health food and mainstream grocery stores. The top two reasons given by the public for choosing gluten-free products is that they are believed to be healthier and can help with weight management.
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Nova Nutrition’s managing director Catherine Sissons said the concept was a result of her experience in nutrition, sports science and hospitality, and seeing drinking culture in full swing, Fairfax News reported. She said the secret was to treat your body like an athlete preparing for an event, by helping out the metabolism and digestive system. Sissons said alcohol and caffeine caused dehydration, so on a day of drinking alcohol it was good to eat foods with a high water content, like fruit and vegetables. For example, tomatoes, broccoli and beetroot have high water content and antioxidants and other vitamins which can help the body prepare for the stresses alcohol places on the system. Sissons said the body could also be helped after drinking. According to her, an orange or two mandarins can help you get started for the day and have less sugar than drinking a [sports drink]. Drinking orange juice is not helpful because it can cause more water to be lost because of the high concentration of sugar being absorbed too quickly into the body, and can cause a spike in blood glucose – leaving you feeling tired later in the day, she said.
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