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Snoring May Be a Warning of Serious Health Risk

The common kind of the snoring can be referred to as the mild snoring but still it needs to be checked in the best stop snoring clinics. People need to follow some of the stop snoring solutions which can be effective in losing the weight. It has been proved that being overweight can also be a reason of the snoring and the sleep apnea and many other sleeping disorders. Best research The different studies and the researches have shown that the snoring is a very common among the people who are overweight both in the man and the women. It is also suggested by the stop snoring solutions that to lose the extra pounds and the weight from the body.
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What Can I do About My Husband’s Snoring?

Researchers also found that people who snore were more likely to suffer from this arterial thickening than others with more widely known risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including smokers, people who are overweight, and those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Researchers examined data from 913 patients who sought treatment at Henry Ford Hospital’s sleep clinic. All the participants were between the ages of 18-50, and none of them had obstructive sleep apnea. Of this group, 54 men and women completed a survey about their snoring histories. They also received ultrasounds to measure the thickness of the intima-media of the carotid artery wall.
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(Weve been married 42 years!) Is there anything I can do? Earplugs dont work. Dr. Hibberd’s answer: Snoring usually reflects some degree of airway obstruction. Be sure his doctor is aware of this. Appropriate screening for sleep apnea is advisable, especially if your husband has pauses in breathing, awakens at night, or if he seems tired or has a headache in the morning. Sleep apnea is a very serious life-threatening condition that is responsible for significant adverse effects, including stroke, heart attack, and even sudden death when untreated.
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New Snoring Device Reviews of the VitalSleep Dental Guard

One of those distractions might just be you. Snoring by both you and your partner may not only be keeping you up at night but it could also be contributing to problems with your health. David Jack, a wellness coach and contributing editor at Mens Health Magazine, says that many couples that experience inadequate sleep as a result of one persons snoring often find larger problems in the relationship. [Sleep] is a root of wellness, Jack says. Good sleep is so important and there are so many people struggling with it to the point that it is affecting their daily life, but it is also affecting their relationship. So how do you know if you partners or your own snoring is just a mild, rare disturbance or something more serious? Jack describes a difference between occasional light snoring and a more serious medical condition.
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Save Your Relationship, Avoid Snoring

That wasn’t acceptable to my husband, so back to bed and snoring. Because the device was so effective, I ordered a new one today. Wasn’t the Christmas gift I was expecting, but my husband will be much happier.” Karen from Terrebonne, OR shared with us the following. “I have been using my Vitalsleep anti-snore device for six months. I am delighted to have found this effective, affordable solution to my snoring problem.
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