Free health tests attract many to Salvadoran-American Festival in Maryland

5 Point Digital Health Checkup

A smaller number of people lined up for health demonstrations and consultations, tucked in the back of the fair, in a parking lot. Maryland Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez (D-Montgomery), who was at the event, said she helped organize the health fair because she wanted to help connect immigrants to services they dont have enough access to. Theres not really an outreach effort, and the community is underserved, she said. At the festival, several medical vans offered checkups and consultations for services ranging from calculating body mass index to testing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. A dozen other tents also counseled on such issues as how to quit smoking and how to connect to low-cost health-care programs.
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Hawaii Health Connector partners with 34 nonprofits for outreach

Hawaii Health Connector partners with 34 nonprofits for outreach

The DOH-NCR has already trained staffs of government health facilities and other specialty hospitals in the capital. So far, a total of 52 personnel have been certified as basic sign-language interpreters. The trainings began late in 2012 in Metro Manila. The FSL workshop will be extended later to hospital personnel in the provinces. Earlier, Janairo explained that the FSL module include the sign language equivalents of numbers, the alphabet, greetings, time, medical terms, and questions frequently asked in emergency rooms. It was developed in cooperation and support of the Philippine Deaf Resource Center, University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital, CAP College for the Deaf, De La Salle University-College of Saint Benilde and the Department of Education-National Capital Region.
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Health workers train on sign language to be able to service deaf, mute better

While rewards were given for getting screenings, the companys program emphasized results, Sandy said. Improved Results In the first two years of the program, 82 percent of the employees of the Minnetonka, Minnesota-based insurer covered by the incentive program earned rewards toward reducing their premiums, with 36 percent achieving the highest level. When we first rolled this out you could wonder if people thought it would be challenging or difficult, Sandy said. They were things people wanted to do but didnt have the activation to actually do them. Conditions such as obesity and diabetes account for three-quarters of U.S. health spending. UnitedHealth, which employs 133,000 workers, said the program identified 7,200 people who were at high risk for diseases, including diabetes, yet hadnt been diagnosed.
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Five health and science books to turbocharge your summer

An estimated 9,000 to 11,000 county residents are expected to become eligible for MediCal under a federal expansion that goes into effect in January, with the county readying a major publicity effort to get people to sign up. In addition, Dominican parent company Dignity Health is pledging a $2.5 million low-interest loan to help build the clinic. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation and the Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center also are pledging $1.5 million, and several other groups are pledging smaller amounts. The clinic also secured a large federal grant for expanded patient services.
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Women’s Health Center expands care to men, children

The point here is that many of these high-profile devices while technicallyexciting (with the added aura of new) still have a long way to go to prove clinical efficacy and safety. The FDA will sort some of this out but since a tympanic-only temperature sensor (ie: the Braun we own) is already FDA approved how can consumers distinguish between whats clinically ideal or preferred andwhats really designed for consumer appeal or convenience? Privacy: Many of the newer devices and applications are cloud based which often require an account and login for collecting and then managing the data over a period of time. Assuming a fairly high degree of security (say data level encryption with dual authentication and SSL), what about actual privacy of data? With a purely web-based consumer business model, the temptation to sell de-identified health data is everywhere.
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UnitedHealth Finds Savings With Employee Health Incentive

One-time Nazi Wernher von Braun is remembered as the father of rocket science, but the contributions of a poor woman from a North Dakota farm are less heralded. In the 1950s at the aerospace company North American Aviation, Mary Sherman Morgan helped develop and test rocket fuel. Without her work on a propellant called hydyne, Americas first satellite, Explorer I , designed by von Braun, may never have gotten off the ground. My mother had chosen to share very little information about her life as an aerospace engineer, Marys son George D. Morgan writes in Rocket Girl . She claimed that her security clearance forbade her from doing so, but we always suspected there was a lot more to it. Indeed there was. Through research and interviews with his mothers associates, Morgan reveals some of the personal drama and gender politics behind the early days of the space race.
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The two-year-old nonprofit formed the partnerships as part of its Hii Ola Marketplace Assister program that provides $6.7 million in grant funding to organizations that in turn help the nonprofit educate individuals and businesses about the Hawaii Health Connector. aWith these partner organizations we are taking outreach efforts deeper into each community and connecting individuals, families and small businesses with the health insurance and financial assistance options available to them,a Program Manager Bonnie EAnela McAfee-Torco said in a statement. aThe kokua will provide in-person assistance to empower our families and communities to make the best health care decisions possible.a The Hawaii Health Connector is on track to launch in October, following recent approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services .
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